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Sophos Intercept X for Endpoints is an add-on license to the Sophos Central Endpoint Protection Advanced license.

Sophos - Intercept X for Endpoints
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Sophos Intercept X for Endpoints is an add-on license to the Sophos Central Endpoint Protection Advanced license.

A requirement for Sophos Intercept X is that customer endpoints are managed using Sophos Central cloud. If the School does not yet use Sophos Central Cloud to manage the endpoints there is a one off cost to reconfigure the customer endpoints.  



Anti-exploit zero-day defence

Anti-ransomware CryptoGuard technology

Root cause analysis

Lingering malware removal with Sophos Clean

Augments your existing antivirus investment


Build Your Next-Gen Endpoint Protection 

The days of straightforward file scanning are long gone. Your goal is now to prevent threats from reaching your devices, stop them before they run, detect them if they have bypassed preventative methods, and not just clean up malware, but analyse and undo everything it does to your endpoints. 

Sophos Intercept X uses multiple layers of technology, allowing you to create your own tailored next-generation endpoint security solution. 


Protect Vulnerable Software 

Anti-exploit technology stops threats before they become an issue by recognizing and blocking common malware delivery techniques, thus protecting your endpoints from unknown threats and zero-day vulnerabilities. 


Effective Ransomware Detection 

CryptoGuard technology detects spontaneous malicious data encryption to stop ransomware in its tracks. Even if trusted files or processes are abused or hijacked, Sophos Endpoint Protection will stop and revert them without any interaction from users or IT support personnel. CryptoGuard works silently at the file system level, keeping track of remote computers and local processes that attempt to modify your documents and other files. 


Root Cause Analysis 

Identifying malware and isolating and removing it solves the immediate problem. But do you really know what the malware did before it was removed, or how it was introduced in the first place? Root cause analysis shows you all the events that led up to a detection. You’ll be able to understand what files, processes, and registry keys were touched by the malware and activate your advanced system clean to rewind time. 


Add Next-Gen Protection to Your Traditional Security 

Sophos Intercept X compliments existing anti-malware and antivirus implementations delivering powerful next-gen anti-exploit and anti-ransomware protection traditional products lack. By eliminating the attack vectors which traditional solutions don’t block, Sophos Intercept X helps to harden your security posture and increase resilience. 


Simplify Management and Deployment 

Managing your security from Sophos Central means you no longer have to install or deploy servers to secure your endpoints. Sophos Central provides default policies and recommended configurations to ensure that you get the most effective protection from day one. 



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