Microsoft - Wireless Display Adapter V2Mobile Guardian Licence - 3 Year Licence (per device)

Mobile Guardian Licence - 1 Year Licence (per device)

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Manage, track, secure and Protect all education related devices, whether on school property or off campus

Mobile Guardian Licence - 1 Year Licence (per device)
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Robust, effective eSafety

Keep students safe by restricting and blocking inappropriate content and applications as well as tracking online activity and alerting the school and parents of any transgressions.

  • Receive alerts
  • Access comprehensive reporting
  • Deliver robust cloud-based web filtering
  • Detailed audit trail

Secure devices on the move

Automatically switch the state of the device to protect it and its owner, no matter if it is on the school’s network, mobile or public Wi-Fi.

  • Geofences, location services and maps
  • Enable remote data delete
  • Trigger remote security services
  • Lock out thieves
  • Enforce password protection
  • Disable personal hotspots
  • Automatically provision Wi-Fi credentials

Better management, less time

Easily manage multiple devices for real-time inventory management, updates and visibility of lost or stolen devices.

  • Location tracking
  • Multi-channel notifications
  • Simple provisioning
  • Operating system agnostic

Note - Mobile Guardian is an annual licence which needs to be renewed every year.​

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